latest update: June 24th, 2007


Latest news, Delilah won the Function Demoparty [HU] with her picture 'For I Am The Witch".
Thank you guys.


Okay. Being lazy asses, in the end we didn't redesign the website. Anyway, we changed and fixed something here and there, such as some links [thanks Adok], some entries [thanks 56k] and many other little things.

2005 has been a weird year; we worked a lot on other things than releases. So no, we're not dead. At all :).
Here's a little sunto of what happened, even if it doesnt feature our new yet old feeling to be, once again, a team based on friendship and respect:

Welcome to our new member Eclipse \o/. We experienced one more time the pleasure of working together and yes, in fact, we're planning and working on something. No need to hurry. We like it that way [actually, Eclipse is member since late 2005, just that we never updated the website ever since ^^°].

A new website was created and mantained: Scene-IT[!]. There is SKiM's team behind the work, together with Spinning Kids. Thank you guys for allowing us to use your old Umine data.
Scene It[!] is currently kept up to date by some members of the Italian demoscene and mantained by SKiM members. It's open to anyone that wants to contribute and send news.

Just like last year, we support 0XAA / Codex Alpe Adria again. Currently working on the latest details. Delilah will post more news and tasters asap on Scene-It[!]
[Skan has been enslaved enough about this, no need to abuse him]. You can find us [SKiM + DeM] in Branco [Udine, Italy] at the end of the month!

PAiN 57 featured an article by Delilah about the Codex Alpe Adria / 0xaa Demoscene meeting

Delilah got the 4th place at Function 05; and the coop between Aln/Fairlight and Delilah got the 2nd place at the Buenzli 14 :). Plus some of her pictures have been used in a tutorial by JeGX about texturing :D

SKiM supported Function 05 and iNERCIA 05 [those guys rule so go visit their parties!] and you can bet your ass we will do right the same this year. So SEND YOUR ENTRIES AND MUCH LOVE TO INERCIA AND FUNCTION GUYS! You're running out of time.

And hey: last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKiM! It's 3 years :)

[late august 2005 - dicember 2005] work-in-progress. The website will be updated as soon as possible - hint: at this point it will be totally redesigned with new members and items added ;)-. Bear with us in the meanwhile <3
Latest quick news;

The whole SKiM demogroup, together with Dream Merchants, would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year 2006 :)
Thank you for your support <3 :)

- While we're uploading all of the files to the new server, you can download all of the entries by checking THIS PAGE [opens in a new window]. In case it doesnt work, be patient; it's the old page and it may happen the hosting goes down from time to time.

- SKiM is currently working on a demo to be released soon. In addition, a new website is planned for 2oo6 with some goodies and news about next group cooperations and projects

- PAiN 57 features an article by Delilah about the Codex Alpe Adria / 0xaa Demoscene meeting

- Delilah got the 4th place at Function 05; [note: for my own mistake I've sent the wrong file to the organizers, which was a step and not the intended final; things will be fixed asap. Sorry ^^°]

- SKiM supports Function 05;

- SKiM supports iNERCIA 05;

- The coop between Aln/Fairlight and Delilah got the 2nd place at the Buenzli 14 :)

[august 2005]
The website has been moved from planet-d to, because of some problems with the previous hosting service. Thanks to the staff who accepted our hosting request and to planet-d for hosting us for long time.

We apologize if, in the meanwhile, may happen there is some broken link or file missing. Thank you for your patience :)

[august 2005]
SKiM is revamping. Woah.
Gossip news: O/zon leaves the group to pursue some personal projects. We wish him good luck.
Some other scene news: We would like to thank you for coming at 0xaa / Codex this year. We got the best result ever, for a test only :D. See you next year :) [a related website about 0xaa/Codex will be online asap]
Some results: Dominei got the first place with 'Dom's Realm', and Soolta got the second place with 'Electro Soolta' \o/

[june 2005]
SKiM supports


We would like to see you all at the Italian demoscene meeting of the year! *wink*. The event will be held in Udine, [north east of] Italy, July the 2nd. Multi platforms compos are featured, together with graphic and music ones. The featured compo for this year is the flash one, let your creativity flow and compete!

The event is part of the wellknown Codex Alpe Adria, retro and alternative platforms will be there to feed your nerdy habits, seminars, food and nice places to visit.. what are you waiting for? Check the 0xaa website for any further info and register!

[march 2005]
Dominei, who represented us all at Breakpoint, got the 4th place in the Tracked Music compo with his song named 'Smells like scene spirit 2'. Good work guy :)

[march 2005]
The whole SKiM group wishes you a very happy Easter [and lets you know it's working on something new ^.-]

[february 2005]
New year, new ideas.
We're looking for a 3D gfx and a coder for an upcoming project.
Feel free to contact Delilah [delilah at demonic dot tk] for any further info.

We also wanted to thank you everyone that congratulated on the new website's layout. Thank you very much for the great feedback :D

[january 2005]
Happy New Year 2005!

As promised, SKiM is back with a new look. It's being redesigned and re-organized. Some more news will be notified as soon as possible. Gossip for the masses.

We are proud to let you know that Delilah is the responsable for the new PAiN's gfx engine, which is [3D outro excluded] made by her. Thanks to Ps [scones] and Unlock for their precious support. Dominei cooperated to it as well by writing an article.. so, what are you waiting for? Go download it!

Dominei got the 8th place with 'fu!!! from 1998' in the Tracked Music compo and the 2nd place with 'Boyroom Fantasies (My Glamourous Wife)' in the Mp3/Ogg Music compo at TuM demoparty. Yay for those results \o/
Delilah did also enter the graphics competition as well with 'My Favourite Thing'. The rank of the image was 7th.

On the other hand, rmeht isn't part of the group anymore.

[december 2004]
SKiM would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stalk us, coz some changes and juicy news have yet to come :)

[september 2004]
Delilah got the 6th place at Function '04 Demoparty with 'My Fantasy World'. 'Releases' section is updated and running :)

[september 2004]
We support


[august 2004]
Delilah placed 4th in the graphics competition at Evoke 2004 with Night. Dominei got the 1st place in the tracked music competition in the same party, and he's reported to be hanging around with a green hat and moustaches!

[august 2004]
Skim was at Buenzli 13(37) and got the 3rd place in the in64k category with "13:37 is nuff". Chocoland has also seen Delilah winner in the graphics competition with her beautiful Sin.
A big hello flies to all our friends there and to the great organizers!

[july 2004]
Greets to Delilah, who won the Inercia graphics competition! Soolta and Dominei entered the music competitions and placed too.

[june 2004]
We support inercia

[june 2004]
Skim welcomes a new member: radiant.

[april 2004]
Skim was at Breakpoint*04. Too many things to say to fit here. So let's just thank those who shared these moments with us, greet Delilah for reaching the 7th place in the Freestyle Graphics compo with Onoskelis (she also made graphics for the demo Gomen Nasai by minimalartifact), and remember the coop demo Spherical Harmonics Once Were Silent Movies Superstars.
Skim was also at The Gathering, where a glamorous green-hat-ted dominei got the 3rd place in the HiQuality music compo and the 4th place in the tracked music compo.
Last but not least, Soolta joined us 'ad honorem' for the good time we had and the great work done and planned together. Glad you're with us.

[january 2004]
Delilah released Pain, which was a coop between her and Obi [a non-demoscene-relate graphician] at st(Art) (ex SOTA) and ranked 10th. Download the image at, and soon the real release package in the release section.

[january 2004]
We are proud to announce that Delilah ranked 1st at TUM*03 (DE) with Silverdreams!
Look at the results and download the image at

[late december 2003]
Our best wishes for Xmas and the new year! :o)

[november 2003]
A new member joined SKiM.. and we are proud of our new musician: dominei!
A bit of story then: he co-founded INF in 1994 and later joined Spaceballs (Amiga group). Most known as the main editor of the diskmag "Daskmig", he left the scene a few years ago, and now he's back with great ideas and projects.

[november 2003]
Hello again :) We were quite busy last months, but we're always on, and back with some news!
Delilah moved to Belgium in September and she's quite busy with her studies now. Hopefully she'll have time enough to enjoy her time there and the beautiful place. You can find more news and photos on, as soon as she can update it.
o\zon was gone the whole October for a European tour, and is now back - updating the website too.
More to come on your screens very soon, and a surprise too!

[august 2003]
Sadly we couldn't be at Buenzli12 (Chocoland). We were there with our heart.
Delilah got the 6th and the 7th place in the graphics compo with her images I Own You and Blood Passion (a co-op with Alan/Fairlight). Unfortunately we couldn't finish all the planned work in time. You can find the images in the 'releases' section and in the Buenzli directory at
A big croissant goes to Bohemiq.

[june 2003]
Delilah placed 5th at Stream 2003 (Finland) with her image Hevea. You can find it in the 'releases' section and in the Stream directory at

[june 2003]
Delilah placed 1st at IceCube 2003 (Finland) with her image Farewell Reality

[june 2003]
Registrations to Buenzli12, wich will be held in Winterthur (CH) 29-31/8, have recently been open. You can find more information on the party as well as the registration form on the official website:
We are already planning our way to Switzerland :)

[june 2003]
Well, the first news is right about our website, wich is finally online. We have a few nice ideas to complete, but we're already here!