- Webbit 2003 (Padova, 10 may): All that we can do using a crappy cam :D -


  Delilah - During the trip

  Delilah - While writing a sms [notice the nose ;)]

  Family Photo [weird lights, aren't them ;)?]: From left to right, Delilah [SKiM], Turbo [AD], Photon, Dixan [SK], Ska [AD], Susanna

  Click#1 [someone is moving!]
  Click#2 [Ouch.. it happened again.]
  Another one: From top to bottom, Ozon [SKiM], Liz [SK], XxX [someone told me 'a friend'], i8u, Ska

  Dixan, The Ghost
  The three little brothers: Spinning Kids look interested in something [from left to right, Rio, Dixan and Pan]
  Susanna while trying to take a photo of my pig (made of modelling paste):) 
 #1 [using flash]
 #2 [without flash]
 The flash wasn't useful at all :P
  During the workshop: Dixan And Pan
 Preparing For the workshop. From left to right, Dixan, A guy I don't know, Ozon and, hiding behind him, a gorgeus Pan ;)
 Fighting the monitor: Dixan, Pan, Ozon (no, i don't know the one who sits there) 
   Delilah: "Dixan, kick it"  
   Dixan: "If I'd do it, I should work a whole life to buy one back"
 Just a minute before the workshop: Dixan is handing Pan the MindCandy DVD ;)
 Is this?
 It seems Dixan doesn't want to let go his dvd :D
 Dixan and Pan, proud of themselves, talking about 'Introduzione alla scena demo' (Introduction to Demoscene)

 ..and here's the public. Our heroes had fame :)
  During the workshop: Rio
 Explaining "Creazione di contenuti proceduali. Grafica 2D/3D smallsize": Rio for the masses
 Well, Rio had glory too :> [this photo was taken at the beginning of the workshop: in fact, he had quite more people :)]

  Original photos 'as provided by our cam' are available here:  
 Family Photo: From left to right, Delilah [SKiM], Turbo [AD], Photon, Dixan [SK], Ska [AD], Susanna - without those weird lights :)

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